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Driving Lessons in Melbourne for VicRoads Tests

Solo Driving Training offers driving lessons across Melbourne and VicRoads test preparation before the big day. We can give you lessons at whatever time and place best suits you, providing lessons for driving both manual and automatic transmissions.


Our instructors will give you lessons that match your current driving skills and abilities, with lessons  available that last for 45, 60 or 90 minutes. Whether you’ve just acquired your Learner’s License or you’ve had some lessons in the past, they will assist you in fast-tracking the learning process and help you pass your test with VicRoads with driving lessons that have prepared you for this final stage.


Why Choose Solo Driving Training?


Solo Driving Training provides first-rate driving lessons for drivers across Melbourne. Our lesson plans are tailored to suit your level of driving skill to ensure you’re getting the appropriate type of lessons that match your current abilities. Once you’ve had enough driving lessons across Melbourne, VicRoads will test your driving abilities to see if you are capable of driving by yourself. 

Our experienced and affordable instructors are adamant about turning you into a competent and licensed driver. They’re familiar with how VicRoads test drivers who are trying to get their license and the fixed routes VicRoads instructors use.


Start Improving Your Driving Skills Today!


Want to get your Driver’s License? Solo Driving Training will get you ready for VicRoads with driving lessons from one of our instructors. Call 0421 155 535 or book online to take the first steps to becoming a fully licensed driver.

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